Weaver Distributors, Inc.



Starting in October of 1983 as Athens Speedometer and Radio, James M. Weaver worked as an ACDelco Electronics warranty repair center.  Working on mostly speedometers and radios, this is the way things were until, 1991 when Delco approached him and ask him to go next door, to our current location, and open an ACDelco Warehouse Distributor, at that time one being on every corner.  In the summer of 1997, Weaver Distributors took a different twist, one is the closing of Athens Speedometer and Radio, and two the reigns of a new leader.  Taking over in the summer of 1997 James C. Weaver "Chris" decided it was time for Weavers to climb the ladder of success.

Bringing in Michael M. Weaver his middle brother in the Spring of 1998 as the General Manager, the first one in the company's history, Michael having the warehouse experience and management knowledge to run the warehouse, gave Chris the ability to hit the road and see customers, to increase sales.

Starting from a small two man shop and growing to a multi location corporation Weaver Distributors is a family oriented business with Success in mind.